THETH develops cooperation with Kareer which  provides a hiring and retention platform to support university students in enhancing their profile to potential new employers.

Today we witness a frequent fluctuation of employees which generates costs on several fronts within organization. An employee leave or bad hire which starts at $15K represents significant cost combined with fact that three quarters of employers are affected with bad hire [1]. This unpleasant situations can be reduced by new approaches based on evidence and data.

THETH in partnership with Kareer prepares concept and strategy for data harvest and evaluation for the following use cases.

THETH demonstrates edge case prediction while lacking domain expertise. We found out that problems raised in this hiring platform are analogical to Predictive Maintenance which is THETH’s core mission.

Problem statement – Employee’s life cycle period prediction within organization


  • Digital soft skill analysis on frequent basis
  • Employee behavioral data


THETH approaches the subject by proprietary AI algorithms which can learn patterns and predict desired edge cases in advance.


Prediction of life cycle transfers of employee:

  • Learning curve
  • High performance period
  • Burnout
  • Company leave


Company takes a preemptive action to keep employee’s work-life balance with regards to his/her performance.

Company reduces costs related to unexpected employee quit or frustration, lack of motivation.


Problem statement – DNA building of high performance team / company


  • Team and individual performance metrics
  • Digital soft skill analysis on frequent basis
  • Team members behavioral data


THETH using it’s machine learning and AI techniques can find out combination of soft skills which enable to design a team which achieves higher performance. By knowing proper personal characteristics the design of a team is evidence-based.

Results & Benefits

 – proper design of high-performance teams

 – win-win situation for company and its employees

 – cost reduction by avoiding improper selection of team members