Data acquire

AI powered analytics

Time to failure and device’s health

THETH’s platform is aimed to provide an overall solution in the area of predictive maintenance and other Industry 4.0 applications with potential of reducing maintenance costs by almost 40% and unexpected downtimes by 50%.

THETH’s engine, a lean software solution, can run either as low as on devices or as high as in cloud ecosystem. When engine is deployed on device itself then it becomes a part of the product working as an enabler of digital service called predictive maintenance.


Proprietary technology

Using our proprietary artificial intelligence technology, the Engine can run on commodity hardware to accurately and intelligently provide health insights and remaining time to failure at the edge – something that hasn’t been possible until now. Other perception solutions just utilize outdated rules-based analytics.

CAN BUS compatible

THETH’s engine can communicate with CAN BUS thus leveraging data for predictive maintenance purpose at the edge of grid.

CAN BUS is widely used in:

  • Automotive and aerospace
  • Audio video systems
  • Robotics
  • Lighting
  • railway applications such as streetcars, trams, undergrounds, light railways and long-distance trains incorporate etc.

Customer-centric solution

We built everything from scratch, from our databases to our deep learning framework. This means that we have full control over every aspect of the Engine and can deliver customer-centric solutions unlike other offerings that utilize “one-size-fits-all” frameworks and methods.

Relevant data

Behind the predictive model, there is a highly skilled mathematician team who design proprietary machine learning and AI algorithms specifically for each customer’s need and pain point. This helps our models continuously improve.

No hardware or firmware changes

There are no hardware or firmware changes necessary to use the Engine. Because there is also no need to use the cloud, secure information stays secure and there are no additional costs associated with data transmission, storage and processing.

Real-Time Advanced Edge Analytics

Once the THETH’s engine is deployed and primed with analytics scripts and pattern definitions, it processes the data in real time for anomaly detection analytics. Engine encapsulates sensor data streaming, predictive modeling and recommendations provided at customer’s site.

IoT Analytics Built for Embedded

THETHs‘ powerful and dynamic edge analytics engine provides significant benefits to small and resource-constrained real-time devices at the edge of a network in real time. This enables machines and smart sensors to analyze information at every step of the network, automatically detect anomalies, and take immediate action right at the source of input.

Designed for Industrial

Many industrial systems operate in an offline mode. THETHs‘ engine continues to run in disconnected environments and autonomously discovers anomalies and patterns in order to generate appropriate actions.

Reduced Downtime

Engine plays a passive role as a listener to raw sensor data and provides health status of the device and its estimated remaining time to failure. This message is provided to controller of device which afterwards interprets this message to technician.