Dušan Plašienka is PhD. candidate in physics (computational condensed-matter physics, running and analyzing numerical simulations of structural phase transitions of materials). Within THETH, he has developed models predicting disk failures from SMART parameters, instability of hydraulic systems and has also worked on some other minor projects related to sensor data and predictive maintenance.

Igor Mihálik is in charge of technical implementation and integration. Later in his career he was in charge of implementing largest public knowledge base based on graph structure called Unigraph. Igor received his PhD covering topics of digital signal processing, speech synthesis, NLP and signal compression. He also worked as Adjunct Lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology in Ireland delivering lectures for Application Development Frameworks module as part of Cloud Academy program.

Ján Mikuška is a natural leader with passion and extensive knowledge from IoT. He spent years working in banking and digital security segment as an analyst and architect where he identified an unused potential of behavioral data. Analogically the same potential with far-reaching effect can be found in industry segment. Thus he decided to switch his focus on industry’s unresolved issues.